Granite and Quartz Aftercare & Maintenance

All our granite worktops have a Guarantee. However these guidelines always need to be followed to maintain your HC Granite worktop surface.

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  • Our work surfaces have a high heat resistance in comparison with other stone worktops. However, a trivet/worktop board are always to be used for chopping/hot pans.
  • Never place anything warm/hot directly on the surface.
  • Quartz is durable and non-porous therefore no sealant is required making it easier to maintain compared to other solid stone work surfaces.
  • Granite worktops can burn/stain if heat is applied directly. The guarantee does not cover discoloration marks.
  • Food staining can occur and worktop saver should be used always to combat possible stains.
  • Our work surfaces can be used as kitchen worktops, bar tops, vanity units, bath surrounds, wall cladding, splash-backs, coffee tables and almost any other surface area.
  • This engineered stone is 93% raw quartz mixed with other materials such as resins, polymers and dyes which contribute to deliver a durable and non-scratch surface.
  • Granite requires simple cleaning with a damp cloth using gentle non-bleach products meaning it is easy to maintain. Only gentle products like hot- soapy water are recommended. (Do not use bleach/silicone/ammonia based cleaning products).
  • Only use soft dish cloths or fabrics to clean. Abrasive sponges such as steel based pads are not recommended as it may graze the surface.
  • It has a uniform colour unlike other work surfaces providing consistency in colour and pattern.
  • Granite work surfaces should be wiped down immediately after use. Remove spillage/food substances immediately to avoid possible staining.
  • Never stand on your Granite or Quartz work surface.
  • Granite or Quartz work surfaces should not have heat directly on the surface.


Please always follow these guidelines. The guarantee does not cover for discoloration/staining/heat applied marks. Charges apply regarding staining/heat burns and workmanship.