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granite worktops essexEssex is one of the most beautiful counties in England. It has very good links to all of the South East of England especially London. There are many things to see and do in the area making it one of the best parts of the country to visit. We love to provide granite worktops Essex with our range. The choice of colours means that nearly every style of home can now enjoy a perfect kitchen worktop.

Modern or Traditional Home

Customers often ask us what is the best granite worktop Essex material for their home. We say no matter if you live in a small modern flat or a large country house, there is definitely a type of granite worktop that will suit your home. We fit granite worktops Essex to such a range of houses that we have come to realise its the perfect way to add value and beauty to any home.

granite worktops essexWhere is the granite sourced?

We get our granite direct from the manufacturer, so you pay a great price for guaranteed quality. We use local suppliers to cut down on the carbon foot print for your granite worktops Essex.

Made to measure

Each section is cut from a large slab meaning you get the tightest joins and neatest finishes to your granite worktops Essex. We come and see you at the start of any enquiry, so we can advise you of the best way to get the most out of each slab meaning you get the best value for money.

Great Aftercare

We love to fit the granite worktops Essex but thats not the end for us. We give you advice and help to makes sure you know how to look after your granite worktops Essex for as long as you keep it.

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